! ! Never Say It Is Not God Poem by Michael Shepherd

! ! Never Say It Is Not God

Rating: 2.6

Never say it is not God.
Hafiz said that, lived it.

And that’s all really:
no need to dress it up,
make a poem of it,
claim it, as if
I thought of it first..

And anyway it’s personal:
you and I could spend days
discussing what the last word means;
finish up hating each other.
It happens. And they have
a rifle in their hand, a bomb.

It’s a divine game,
the game God plays.

You know the games all lovers play:
‘Where are you darling? ’
‘I’m not here.. come and find me…’
ah yes - the bedroom…

‘You only love me for my body…’
‘Yes darling… but I love you for your mind too, , , ’
‘But you’re always arguing with my mind…’
‘Yes darling – that’s why I love you…’

‘Will you love me when I’m old and wrinkled and crumbly? ’
‘Darling, I’ll love you all the more…’

‘I love every bit of you…’
‘Ah but do you love me with every bit of you…? ’

‘I’m a striped tiger come to eat you up every bit…ggrr…’
‘And I’m a lion come to gobble up the tiger…’

Ah yes, the games that lovers play…
What makes you think God does not love
to play these games with you?

And even when you call Him God,
and not your Lover, or your Friend,
as Hafiz does - and many other names beside,
that could be His best game of all…

when the whole universe
and all its creatures, run
toward you, calling out
‘I’m Yours… I’m yours for life…’
as lovers do.

Never say it is not God.

Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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