Never The Same Again

Rating: 5.0

Life came round and round it came
some played serious some a game
people died and babies came
as life continued round again.

Church bells rung o'er village greens
morning mists clung to pensive trees
brides smiled and kissed their eager grooms
children played with bats and balls
flew kites that soared on far flung squalls.

Some grew apart but still hand in hand
some left, made other plans
and others with true love in heart
by life's fate were torn apart
for others they grew old
not really knowing what true love could hold.

We met deep in winters storm
with ice that clung from lives broken, torn
but slowly thawed as trust was born
and fears were shared and thoughts were warm.

The winter left and spring was sprung
the birds returned and sweetly sung
the summer heat with rain at times
grew the flowers and greened the grass
it was all that we could ask.

As autumn came and withered rusted leaves
fell upon the winter'd breeze
the branches bared and old wood cracked
as the we reached the end, the final act.

Life came round and round it came
and never was it twice the same.

Ernestine Northover 23 February 2008

A superb write David, so poignant and yet lovely. A real pleasure to read this one, I loved it lots.Well done. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Jeannie Ann Clark 22 February 2008

You are a very good writer. Thank you. Keep writing.

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Anita Atina 22 February 2008

David this is such a quiet, thoughtful poem. Made me feel I was basking besides a warm fireplace, wondering about life. Cheers, Anita

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