Never Thought Poem by Timothy Long

Never Thought

You never thought, that was just it, thinking, think and thought connect in clockwise fashion, clueless is your side effect from the brain you don't have, do the philosophers bedevil you in static views, the disturbed don't feel or think you must remember this if you are to be with them, you still can't see the injustice of what you did to me, do you even expect to be free? You and me are finally free and yet you never thought it to be, I wanted you out but I could never truly do that, I myself through and that's all I could do is think, something you never did but the question is will you ever? The times are changing and I'm one, are you? You change too much with simple ideology from friends and foes alike, you never seem to amaze me in a bad way, should you die I don't know if I would care as to why.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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