Never Tomorrow Poem by Cleveland W. Gibson

Never Tomorrow

Today I want tomorrow to never come,
But how, if it comes, will my world end?
Look come it will: wise people have said so.
I remember your smile: watched you play:
only had my heart ripped open, Michael, today.

Something is wrong? There's a fire in my head,
then in one second, the news said you were dead.
I cried, no sleep: watched a night sky weep.
People press me to talk: to say just how I feel.
Don't they know the stabbing pain in my head?

My body aches. I've struck at my chest: still no rest.
I complain daily yet if I die now, then it's never tomorrow.
I must pray to Almighty God: ask Him to grant me a wish.
Take me: be kind: not my Michael, so free of sin.
People laugh but I sing psalms to keep the deamons at bay.

Please don't talk to me of dreams and those sort of things.
Not when my energy drains away: my stomach hurts
and though life goes on there is nothing I want to do.
So, I've tried to be strong: smiled a little: laughed too.
As now at night I'm awake: wait for God my soul to take.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: sadness
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