New Year Eve Poem by Diwakar Bhatt

New Year Eve

The sun is setting in the west like a fireball,
Soon the dark night will lay its eventual pall.

The last night of the year passing to be history,
What we would get in the New Year is a mystery.

But the gone year was not a waste of our time,
Not a period we simply lost in nickel and dime.

It gave me much more than I could have thought,
The wonderful gift of your love I always sought.

Thriving under the shade of your love and care,
Life turned into an all colorful and fun filled fair.

In perilous dark hour I always remembered you,
Instead of god I longed you to come for a rescue.

Loving you is like making a prayer to almighty,
My soul becomes peaceful as in unison with deity.

Mistakes I might have made I solemnly confess,
But forgive me in the name of love nevertheless.

Many thanks to the god sitting up above the sky,
He sent you to be my lovely companion till I die.

Neither wordy praise nor paeans of adulations,
Hearty feelings of a lover not just pretensions.

Resolution I make on this very eve in spirit high,
So happy I will make never to let you even a sigh.

My love would be a sumptuous delicacy to enjoy,
Each bite will increase the pleasure but never cloy.

Come! Let me hold your curvaceous waist thin,
Dance we will on the tune of love beating within.

Cling to me like a woodbine never to leave me,
I will give you my soul to feast upon believe me.

Let me freak-out tonight not to be stopped ever,
Last loving kiss of the year would be a big favor.

Let us welcome the coming year with open arms,
Love and prosperity would we ask in our psalms.

Seema Chowdhury 09 February 2012

Happy New year to you and your family.

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