Newborn Poem by Joseph Dela Sulh (losembe)


From the bossom of your mom
We longed to fall in love with your eyes
Our expectation burst at last one night
Your first cry was heard in the room
Though pains, your mom screamed of joy
No acoustic room could contain it so long
Her scream was recorded up on the moon
I can remember, dad couldn't shut his eyes
Most of all when our all eyes met
Even in the shadow, our sight optimized
Helped us admire your adorable first smile
That grin was so unparalleled we fell in love
We couldn't turn away our eyes in gaze
Your smile was like a shooting star
Since then, all our looks set upon you
So tiny and lovely baby was held in my arms
Only parents can understand this feeling
A little female version of me was printed
So beautiful, so lovely, so loveable
No words could qualify your angel-like body
You were just... You know...You're unique
Your mom's tears were coloured blue
She was crying of happiness and euphoria
When your living release came out
Your first cry on earth joy-painted
Snapshot! That moment was encrypted in time
Unforgettable, willing to get back to time
To refeel that unimagined experience
You are our longlife-blessing, our bliss
You are much prodigeously Marvelia...

Sunday, March 1, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: birthday
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