Night Feeding Poem by Muriel Rukeyser

Night Feeding

Rating: 3.2

Deeper than sleep but not so deep as death
I lay there dreaming and my magic head
remembered and forgot. On first cry I
remembered and forgot and did believe.
I knew love and I knew evil:
woke to the burning song and the tree burning blind,
despair of our days and the calm milk-giver who
knows sleep, knows growth, the sex of fire and grass,
renewal of all waters and the time of the stars
and the black snake with gold bones.

Black sleeps, gold burns; on second cry I woke
fully and gave to feed and fed on feeding.
Gold seed, green pain, my wizards in the earth
walked through the house, black in the morning dark.
Shadows grew in my veins, my bright belief,
my head of dreams deeper than night and sleep.
Voices of all black animals crying to drink,
cries of all birth arise, simple as we,
found in the leaves, in clouds and dark, in dream,
deep as this hour, ready again to sleep.

M Asim Nehal 09 July 2016

Great imagery and nice metaphors used., the perfect scene of night created in poetic form.

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Edward Kofi Louis 09 July 2016

Dreams are needed in life; able to learn from them. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Jonaid Ahmed 09 July 2016

Really good work poet.I can feel myself. Hope for your success...

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M Asim Nehal 09 July 2016

I agree......

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