Night Terrors Of Little Vincent

Rating: 4.1

'Night, Mama, love you, ' 'I do too.'
I wake, some noise has just disturbed
my slumber, even Teddy
my bear and faithful friend at night
has noticed an intrusion
on our thoughts and restful dreams
where elves are in collusion
and dwarves and witches, wolves and bears
lead daily lives just like we do
it is what fills the hours
until our morning showers.

But this is strange, and maybe scary,
a scratching sound so loud
comes from the window near my bed
my voice is frozen in my throat
and I am at his mercy.
But then it stops, I take a breath
and feel the threat is over,
when from the door a tapping round
has reached my frightened ears.
I look that way and, HOLY GOOSE!
the door knob slowly turning
is what I see with blurry eyes
I hug my teddy tightly.
He gives me comfort and I him
perhaps they've come to get him
and I remain unscathed and free
through noble sacrifice.

The door bursts open, ghosts appear
with claws to get my teddy,
but to my senses I have come
I shout 'he is not ready.
And if you want to take my friend
you've picked the wrong opponent,
we stay together, if you kill
it won't be on your terms.
I shall lay down my life for him
as he would do for me.'

At this much love the ghosts were stunned
and left the room so quickly
that screeching sounds could well be heard
from ghost feet and from hooves,
they didn't understand this child
nor did the boy know why
just little Teddy smiled his smile
and nodded very wisely.

Herbert Nehrlich1 04 February 2005

Done, Rich, and thank you for your comments. H

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Sandra Osborne 04 February 2005

Well, I guess the green tea got you too. Great subject.

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