Night Visitor Poem by spiritual seeker

Night Visitor

Rating: 5.0

Knock knock, who is there?
I am here to visit you, visitor in the night,
Tell me what is your purpose and why come you in this late night?
I have come to check on you, to remind you,
That of your final journey with me,
Come me in the day, but you were too busy.
But I’m still busy, tomorrow’s work awaits me unfinished,
I need this little sleep, will you come again another time?
No, when the specified time comes, there will be no delay,
Be it a busy day or be it a restful night,
Awake or asleep, the journey must start.
My family is asleep, and my wills unwritten, will I be able to return?
No, once the journey taken, there is no return.
O visitor, spare me a little time,
For this long journey I have little provisions,
Little prayers have I done, little alms have I given,
For in my busy life I have mostly forgotten.
O man, O lucky soul,
this visit is just a reminder to you,
Come next will be the last for you.
Hear me a rooster call in a far distance,
Twilight? , .... Was it a dream?
O Most Merciful, I’ve forgotten You but You have not forgotten me,
Today prostrate me the longest, and tears flows freely from a sobbing heart,
O the Most Forgiving, from now on, my life will follow You.

Mohammad Akmal Nazir 25 June 2011

Great poem written well with nice texture and imagery. Rated 10. Kindly read and rate my poem 'A daring hope' on page 1.

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