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1. Little Trickles Of Water 6/23/2011
2. Let There Be Nobody To Cry 6/24/2011
3. Sister Death 6/25/2011
4. Life Light 6/25/2011
5. Pearls Of Wisdom 6/25/2011
6. Old Man In A Small Road-Side Temple 6/26/2011
7. When Night Comes To Visit 7/2/2011
8. Snow Fall In The Moonlight 7/16/2011
9. Man In The Street 7/17/2011
10. Unshackled 7/17/2011
11. Where Have The Cranes Gone? 7/19/2011
12. When Life Is On The Edge 7/20/2011
13. Run Run Little Crab 6/25/2011
14. Mist In The Early Morning 7/21/2011
15. Tell Me Mountain 7/23/2011
16. Gokak Falls 7/23/2011
17. Silence Of The Night 7/23/2011
18. Me, Mira And The Beach 7/24/2011
19. Silence And Solitude 7/24/2011
20. My Forest 7/24/2011
21. Life On The Open Street. 7/26/2011
22. Where The Two Oceans Meet 7/26/2011
23. Invisible Hunter 7/27/2011
24. Painting The Wide Open Blue Sky 7/27/2011
25. Rich And Poor 7/27/2011
26. Mother 7/27/2011
27. Hidden 7/31/2011
28. India 8/2/2011
29. Candle Burning In The Late Night 8/2/2011
30. Reflections 8/2/2011
31. Hidden Chambers 8/3/2011
32. It Doesn'T Matter 8/3/2011
33. Living 8/9/2011
34. Harmony 8/13/2011
35. Ramadhan-Haiku 8/13/2011
36. Under Shades Of Trees-Haiku 8/13/2011
37. Masses Together 8/13/2011
38. Rainbow 9/20/2011
39. The Moon 9/20/2011
40. Red Hot Desert 8/8/2011

Comments about spiritual seeker

  • Tyra Faisal (3/12/2016 7:28:00 AM)

    Assalamualaik prof. So here I am, thank you for your encouragement :)

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  • Ajaz K (12/28/2014 12:19:00 AM)

    Assalamu aliakum, Sir, hope evrything is fine at ur side.. Its December of 2014, & i am trying to contact u on ur cell, but it says not reachable. Anyways, i am not far away from you. Your poems always inspired me, like ur talks. I will be in touch with you, through this website. Keep writing the poems. Dua for me..

  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (7/14/2013 1:12:00 AM)

    Your eyes see life moving, but its not only eyes that seeing, your heart does make it sense and your mind make it a wide web thought..to filter all the meanings it can have....so soft it can deliver but also so strong to be broken..The poetry you have knitted not based on words melody only, it has profound sound that calm to mind, for such things you are Spiritual Seeker, who always looking stone as a living tree...its true tree because you dig it more than we can see it as a stone...the spirit on it...Write more Spirit Seeker_Unwritten Soul

  • Hans Vr Hans Vr (11/3/2011 10:16:00 AM)

    He has a heart full of wonderful feelings
    He has a mind full of wonderful word
    He has a pen full of wonderful poems

Best Poem of spiritual seeker

There Is No Honour Among Thieves And...

Among thieves and murderers,
There is no honour among them,
They plunder and kill,
lied behind their smiles,
pretend and talked a smooth talk,
and even turn on their own.
Some are fools, and they dance when their master say dance,
But many nowadays, they come as presidents and ministers…
Pretending to be your most understanding and helping friends,
But they come only to steal your wealth,
To enslave you!
So beware!

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Street Dancer

I ask a street dancer-Why do you dance?
This street is my grand stage,
The passers-by are my precious audience,
Little rupees they gave me are least important,
I dance to the tune of drums and flute,
As my feet dance to the music, bangles ringing,
My body floats with my spirit,
At the very peak of ecstasy,
the noise of the street is silent to me,

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