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There Is No Honour Among Thieves And...

Among thieves and murderers,
There is no honour among them,
They plunder and kill,
lied behind their smiles,

Divine Spark

Stars are always there in the sky,
Though sometimes hidden by dark clouds of the night,
Or blinded by the brightness of daylight,
Stars are always there in the sky.

A Little House We Build Together

We had build this dream house of ours,
A little house under the clouds,
with beautiful garden and trees,
and five little stars shining above.

Trials Of Tears

When humanity is lost,
When greed and anger took the scales,
And justice thrown far faraway,
We only see trials of tears.

A Smile

That little smile in your face, a gift better than gold,
Will break the stony barriers between strangers,
Will mean a world of difference to someone,
Will warm up the chill in someone’s heart,

Night Traveller

Delightful Sunflowers

Seen you so many delightful bright yellow sunflowers?
Greeting the morning sunrays, openly smiling,
Swaying playfully under the cool morning breeze,
Happily kissing those bees come regularly visiting.

Living Gem

In my clear dream,
I was digging the soft ground.
To my utmost happiness I found a piece of shiny pure white stone.
Happily I put it inside my pocket and rushed to take home.

The Girl Who Has No Email

She is black and she is tall,
A little shy…
Spoke so softly, I could hardly hear her voice.
-Sit down please. What is your good name?

Light And Shadow

Where there is light, there is shadow,
A world inseparable,
wax and wane with the flow of moments,
Like waves in the open sea.

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