A Smile Poem by spiritual seeker

A Smile

Rating: 4.8

That little smile in your face, a gift better than gold,
Will break the stony barriers between strangers,
Will mean a world of difference to someone,
Will warm up the chill in someone’s heart,
A beacon of light in a world of darkness,
A first brick to your dream castle,
A smile is an unspoken gentlest words,
The universal language of hearts.

Hans Vr 16 December 2011

Another of your gems, my friend. Very well written. A huge 10 for this wonderful poem.

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Yash Shinde 04 April 2014

...A smile is the shortest distance between two people.....this beautiful poem will greatly reduce barriers between.....our PH friends from various nationalities............lovely write..........

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Unwritten Soul 09 September 2013

A smile is the cheapest we can afford but the most precious, expensive thing to give...so what we waiting for, smile..and its like we so rich giving all golden shine away...way to create happiness..in this world, in the hearts of people_Soul

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Heather Wilkins 05 June 2013

great thoughts about a smile. a lovely write.

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Ambrosia A 14 May 2013

The poem is as beautiful as a lovely smile. Especially moved by the last 2 lines.

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Ibnu Din Assingkiri 21 December 2011

smile is also a 'sedekah' nice one. salam.

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