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A seeker of knowledge and wisdom... and tread gently on this earth!

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Divine Spark

Stars are always there in the sky,
Though sometimes hidden by dark clouds of the night,
Or blinded by the brightness of daylight,
Stars are always there in the sky.

There Is No Honour Among Thieves And...

Among thieves and murderers,
There is no honour among them,
They plunder and kill,
lied behind their smiles,

A Little House We Build Together

We had build this dream house of ours,
A little house under the clouds,
with beautiful garden and trees,
and five little stars shining above.

Trials Of Tears

When humanity is lost,
When greed and anger took the scales,
And justice thrown far faraway,
We only see trials of tears.

A Smile

That little smile in your face, a gift better than gold,
Will break the stony barriers between strangers,
Will mean a world of difference to someone,
Will warm up the chill in someone’s heart,

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Tyra Faisal 12 March 2016

Assalamualaik prof. So here I am, thank you for your encouragement :)

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Unwritten Soul 14 July 2013

Your eyes see life moving, but its not only eyes that seeing, your heart does make it sense and your mind make it a wide web thought..to filter all the meanings it can have....so soft it can deliver but also so strong to be broken..The poetry you have knitted not based on words melody only, it has profound sound that calm to mind, for such things you are Spiritual Seeker, who always looking stone as a living tree...its true tree because you dig it more than we can see it as a stone...the spirit on it...Write more Spirit Seeker_Unwritten Soul

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Hans Vr 03 November 2011

He has a heart full of wonderful feelings He has a mind full of wonderful word He has a pen full of wonderful poems

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