Nihil Poem by Hasan Haskovic


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Buildings fences and burning bridges
Raising defenses and diggin ditches
- it's all we've come know
Once young, deemed to be just for show
Despite having aged, we still don't know
How humbling an experience it is
To watch the mountains, as they grow

Despite best efforts made
Many a millennia spent in silence
Morality and ideals themselves fade
With no one looking for their guidance
If there are no wishes to be made
Stars stop their descent in righteous defiance

Explain the reasons for sickness through science
Justify wars as friction between cultures
However still visible, despite all the refinements
Every man, hungry, a vulture
Picking through whatever carrion is left behind
On a world to which all of us, confined
Live a lie, to which we are blind
All issues, deception of the mind

If we crack open the stars
Who knows whatever we could find?
Fuel for further conquest and expansion
All the while with the Gods forsaken
Never again awoken from inaction
Let them sleep.

Nihil, all of us
But embers smothered in the dust
Whenever we readjust
It's rule or be ruled
Fool, or be fooled
Harvesting the seeds of distrust
Nihil, all of us
To be forgotten and buried
In our Mother's crust

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: man
Hasan Haskovic 22 April 2016

Hvala na citanju. BiH, Sarajevo

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Lucian Došen 21 April 2016

Kul pjesmica, odakle si?

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Hasan Haskovic

Hasan Haskovic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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