No Kiss No Embrace No Goodbye Poem by Leila Kay

No Kiss No Embrace No Goodbye

Rating: 5.0

You walked away
Left me forsaken, abandoned
No kiss no embrace no goodbye
Silently fell the rain, washing away my tears
Alas it did nothing to ease my heart of pain

I wished you by my side day after day and night after night
I felt only your absence as your presence faded
They told me to cherish the memories
But what did they know

For my memories were clouded by grief
A trail of pain and betrayal
Leaving the betrayer blameless
The betrayed deserted
No kiss no embrace no goodbye
Left with only and empty space

Duncan Wyllie 01 May 2007

Yes I know of this feeling and boy does it hurt, but that was along time ago now, let's try and look forward and learn from those lessons that were so hard at the time Love duncan X

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 29 April 2007

Another dark poem Leila, Love hurts sometimes... andy x

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Nyrical Poet 23 March 2007

Wow! This piece is absolutely astounding! ! Beautifull written; -) Always, Nick

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Jim Foulk 15 March 2007

a nice write, well worded, oh broken hearts been there many a time in my younger days.

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