No Love No Dream.. A Not So Impossible Dream Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

No Love No Dream.. A Not So Impossible Dream

I have a dream that I want to be fulfilled
To see the moon and the stars in the universe
Ride on a space ship and see all planets
Be the discoverer, the ruler of the planets.

Stars that shine on the constellation
The big and small dipper as known
Scientist and biologists I adore
They inspired my desire to make a throng
Of beneficial ideas for my endeavor
To save the world from collision.

The ozone layer that we have feared
I wish to restore to save mother earth
A capsule like vehicle I drive to fly
Do what Yuri Gagarin had done.

To the people and to the world I’m sad
A vision of despair for the phenomenon
The destroy of nature caused by human
If we won't be careful to do destruction.

Our mother earth will remain awesome
Beautiful and creatures will be secured
Out of danger from the dyeing nature.
If we will practice proper points.

A call for help top fulfill my dreams
For a beautiful world to live and grow
For the sake of our siblings and our kin’s
Help me fulfill my not so impossible dream
Let there be love to fulfill a dream.

(August 17 at 11: 30 am Philippines)

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