My World Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

My World

Rating: 5.0

Silent as a deep blue sea
Green and woody as a forest
Sticky and bubbly like a gum
Sweet and tasty as a food to feed.

In the midst of sorrow and sadness
I tried and learned to be happy
In the middle of pain and agony
I managed to be calm stand firmly.

The loads and burden I carry
No matter how heavy I bear
The power I have and with me
The grace and blessings of mercy.

Ups and downs and round, around
Far and near my world was dark
Far and near my world get bright.
I loved and lost and was hurt

I am loved and left and have hurt
The world I have been and into was that
Sad, merry, glad and bad and what about
The world I have is it like yours?

Sweet and sour with precious might
Pearly and sandy, smooth and rough
Bright shinning dark or dull lights
Whatever, it is my world I can’t object!

(July 25 at 9: 00 am Philippines)

Prince Obed de la Cruz 19 August 2009

good title and content

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Meggie Gultiano 25 July 2009

Each has its own road to take..We are blessed to have our family and friends to lean on to. Good write.Keep on penning. Hugs from here, Meggie

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