A Dream Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

A Dream

Rating: 5.0

Struggling hard for my crop to be on top
The taxi is waiting for me for my freight
“Hurry up” its mom “might miss your flight”
Luggage on board the land cruise about to start.

The walls were dark and no one on sight
Soul searching for anybody but alone it is night
Hours keep moving and sound like ticking light
Wondering where I am comes to my mind.

Far place I see but was familiar to eyes
Ravine so stiff and a nipa hut stand
Down and beside the lake was in sight
Waves of the sea awaits the lonely ash
Of a cremated body that was done with us.

I see myself back in the house and friends around
My wedding gown and some relatives behind
I have to dress for my wedding soon to start
Wondering why my wedding dress is not white
And can’t see my family and tears in my eyes.

Crying hard “wake up” says mom on shout
Blast a loud voice in her tongue of shock
I a having a nightmare and she thought it was bad
Was afraid something was going wrong in my side.

After a week, it was July 25,1971 I am on my march
My future husband to the altar waits for my hands
To be transferred to him by my dad with pain in his heart
Proven by a life less smile as we walk to the carpet
And hand me over to his future son, my groom my love.

Shimmering smiles in my lips in my eyes
Darkened face of my sad and lonely dad
Were the effects seen the photographs
Portrait of the wedding, for a remembrance.

After the reception my family was silent
No words from them just simple deep breathings
That can’t be denied by the silence that surrounds
The loneliness after the blessings from mom and dad

We walked down the stairs with heavy hearts
Don’t want to look back my tears might blast
We have to be happy as we were here to stay
To proceed to the new home for our new life starts.

On the 3rd day I got sick and father came
With him a doctor for my heath to take care
Yet the eyes of dad were sad and no glow
Smile that always come our lips don’t show.

On the 9th day, it was August 3,1971
I have recovered and feeling fine
We visit the place where my childhood lingers
Missed my family, as for days haven’t seen
Yet dad’s not around at work and late for an O.T.

Sad I am because dad was not there to see
To hug, to kiss and say I am sorry but I am happy
To bed I went with my lonely heart missing daddy
When a butterfly appeared in my altar suddenly
I talked to it a like human conveying my sadness.

I missed my dad so much and get asleep that night.
In the mid of our sleep hard and awakening knocks
On our door my mom-in-law calling us to come out
A visitor, my uncle, for me has come in our house
Have to leave for abroad and wants see me last.

But I lost my consciousness on that moment
I felt I am on limbo and cannot move my body
Seem paralyzed and frozen I was very cold
I see myself on board the car beside my husband.

Our house was bright and people around
Murmurs, looks, I’m, worried, get numbed
My feet can’t move my walking stopped
Was lost, I wake up I shout I cried aloud
My dad, on a casket his cadaver was hard

Again I fainted and lost my consciousness
A doctor beside me tapping my face
Giving me injection to make me calm
My heart gets weak and feels to have died
A sad surprise I cried, my grieving heart.

Why? Why? What happened to dad?
No one can reply all have tears and sad
A cardiac arrest took him away to our life
A great mourning and agony I have, we had
Especially on my part because I am his pet
And his only hope to get out this poor life.

I felt I am lost myself I cannot find
The dream I had in that nightmare reminds
It was a premonition of the death to have come
A lost, a death, and an agony we cannot forget
A lost of a life, the meaning of the dream I had.

Surya . 14 September 2009

a wonderful poem.nice composition.enjoyed reading. voted10 surya

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Marieta Maglas 26 August 2009

wonderful poem, excellent written................10

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Kafil Uddin Raihan 18 August 2009

Nicely penned......excellent expression...........

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 18 August 2009

The dream I had in that nightmare reminds It was a premonition of the death to have come A lost, a death, and an agony we cannot forget A lost of a life, the meaning of the dream I had...it is so hard to forget the bad dreas easily/. so, etimes it is singla of danger comig to us and prove cistly to us. it is just intuniation or telpathy u call it... very nice....10 but dreams not come true dear... read mine.. all dreams not come true... pulled from bed..

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