No More Guessing, But Love Poem by David Knox

No More Guessing, But Love

Close your eyes and we'll fly away
we can be together for a day...
or two or forever! :)
our love even the world cannot sever
if you just say those words say them please...just 3...
or if i am the first to say them just answer in 4
softly...with your gentle and angelic voice...and smile.. my heart is sore
it yearns for you my darling how i love you so
i dont know what i would do if you don't want to go
anywhere with our friendship
just stay friends..... i cannot, please come away
maybe i could just get over it or something
but its not that easy i just you are wonderful sometimes its fey
i just dont want to be friends i want to bond with you
you bond with me too
get to know you and bond... on a deeper level...
come away i say come away
with me
o my love let us live happily
i love our spell, being us is wonderful don't you see?
please dont mull
over this, dont think that much please just accept my spell, accept my love
o my darling i love you

David Knox

David Knox

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