No More Imprisonment Poem by Vikram Basu

No More Imprisonment

Rating: 5.0

Slaughtering like a butcher with knife,

Murdering like Jack, the ripper,

Becoming death itself every day & night!

Oh! This system should rot in Hell.

Nothing they are but brainless fools

Have no heart but pumping stone.

All are satans disguised as men!

Before them, helpless, we all stand.

They don't care what we desire,

All they want with us, is to give in.

No, we won't, never shall we!

Will live with our own motives only.

Revolution is of utmost necessity.

Against this corrupt education system;

But, I, regretfully have to say-

Cowards are among us, in every way.

Confined are their thoughts by book pages

They float straight, obedient to the stream

Have no courage or will to hold back.

Oh God! This is too disturbing to see.

I don't call them friends but life-less machines.

Alas! They will never understand -

What human life actually is!

Sadly, I've to say this, to the machines.

But mates, we need to fight back!

Otherwise, these machines will be countless!

Crippled system will take over us -

Precisely making education- 'Compulsory purgatory'

Rebellion is the only option left.

With grief, have to do it against our -

Own guardians without any choice.

What to do? Blood is on fire, giving heart a voice.

Come my friends, its never too late.

Have to wash out these tainted men;

A new ray of light I can see!

Aim is not far any more from you & me.

This education system sucks...! instead of making a complete human being, all it can make is machines forsaken by emotions & feelings. & I can see these guys always within four walls of a room confined within the pages of a book & no sense of realisation about what is going on outside...! I realy spit at this..! my blood burns giving my heart a voice to write these lines.
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