Wild, Young & Free Poem by Vikram Basu

Wild, Young & Free

It is a phenomenal stage my mind is in,
Never trying to stop at any price.
Journeys through the longest paths imaginable -
Terminating all nightmares with its paws.

Through the deepest dungeons & oceans it flows;
Flies in the highest skies & roams in space.
Often walks gently door to door.
Seeking what it loves the most.

My mind makes a world of its own
Where there is no bondage or hypocrisy.
A world of my own where I stay,
With my thoughts as my only friends.

People say I'm introvert, self-obsessed.
Don't pay any damn heed to what they say.
Brainless fools they are, totally insane.
Though can't stop my mind, never at the end.

But I still think are they really insane?
Or is it me who has lost his mind?
No that is absurd, I'm not a drunk.
Neither did I smoke any weed since last month.

No, it is they who are born insane
A plague of epidemic, they are.
You can not infect me with your filths
For my mind will always be wild, young & free.

Hans Vr 05 October 2012

Wow, This one is great. Imagination is a richness, not a poverty Write more about your wild travels.

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Asif Andalib 04 October 2012

Good write. Keep on poeting

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Vikram Basu

Vikram Basu

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