School Or Factory? Poem by Vikram Basu

School Or Factory?

Like everybody, I thought it is where we learn all.
It is the place to get educated from;
The sacred spot where teaching happens.

Later realised what is teaching? where is learning?
All I can see is robot manufacturing
& adopting how to live like a machine.

Wondered then, what kind of school this is?
If there is no teacher here then who are they?
Seems to be human, but are they? may be.

Later made out what happens here -
Apart from proper humans, robots are made.
These are no teachers but workers hence.

Never thought it would turn out like this!
Am I in a school or a factory?
Oh God help me out from this iron pit.

Why do people want tobe like this?
Is there no alternative other than this?
Why a robot than a complete human being?

Don't know how to get the answer;
Only manufacture of humans into robots haunts me!
Oh Lord! free me from this human killing industry!

Don't know how to define it -
A school or a factory?

I'm so frustated by this modern school system... it needs editing... inspite of complete human being all it can produce is heartless and emotion less robots.. this is not education...!
Payal Parande 13 September 2012

a brilliant poem i must say and as for your thought i hear you it is like going to a some kind of robot factory...everyday same routine and no new things to learn just same old story it is very frustrating and if anyone try to use her/his voice to stop well you know what will happen.... but this is nice some thing must start from somewhere, thank you for sharing, love payal

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Eindaray Kyaw 13 September 2012

Firstly I need to appreciate your courage to write out your idea, feeling and thoughts throughout your poems i accept your idea..I think most of the students may know this case and they also want a better form I mean this is not only in your country but also in others especially the developing countries...They have to favour so many fields right now other than now what the poet can do is just to write out poems, am i right?

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