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No More Tree's A Short Essay - Poem by Is It Poetry

They are gone.
No trees!
No more humans that need to breath.
Except for those at the tops of the mountains.
Close your lovely eyes
and try to see what looks like a world without trees.
This mighty ball green Earth,
once open to all blue now dying, red dead and desolate,
now close your eyes and try to not imagine i.
No more paper to make the money you won't need, plastic tights!
Living beneath some one elses technology a few might,
if everyone is willing a slave
left living would have to be- not very bright.
Without air we need to breath, everyone that could leave
has like Mars, leaving left.
Is not the role that trees play
an important role in the carbon cycle we are made of.
And every thing we think we need to make more houses?
Nothing more do we need than the trees
nothing else is so crucial to our very existence.
Water and air, water mostly is and next to air
as our population increases by a factor of billions.
Look in the mirror and see the look on your face
of the millions as the approaching day nearly here not to much
farther in this our bleek future.
Who is this everyone,
this no one you see pretending that some one else will.
When that some one is you and you wont.
The world wide problem that we now have
this environmental problem called deforestation.
Such as it is more destructive this weapon
every man has to date thus made and has of yet delivered.
U.S. from a choice fast approaching, called neither.
Even if we have only half of what we had
and again half of the world's forests now are gone.
Would you think very different knowing that soon you will die, of suffocation.
You know as well as I do who will survive such is wealth
the devastation of all life with no air left to breath
and no knowledge do you have to extract it from the water like they do.
Life will cease as you well know now keep on having all those babies
that will need what you can't even give to your selves much less provide.
Scientists don't guess, do you rely on God pray tell.
Such a dry and dead, desolate place in your heads, breathing love.
I will remain in the world,
I am the one whom might come again and will learn
how to breath under water.
As you in your fading light experience the dire consequences of deforestation.
I Will allow you to look to the sky for excape, few will make it.
Filthy air no trees that are suitable for making the air clean,
the very air all need to survive.
If anything, the few people left,
will need a new oxygen mask to survive,
a trace amount a bit remains in the air you must filter out.
Living organisms constantly circulate through the wood carbon cycle,
caron dioxide in the atmosphere
is an important part of the global process our life it changed.
Carbon in the living did you know
is the second most valuable element after the water you need as well.
Light I am the way and thus I say,
the trees make carbon energy from the atmosphere by photosynthesis,
in them you take.
Politicians of the future deciding if you deserve to breath air.
And the new form of death- the new approach to these wars,
is the air people need and will kill for.

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  • (5/11/2014 7:50:00 PM)

    ...............truly this is a great write......every word is true.....wake up citizens of planet earth....sadly when all our trees and bees disappear....then we all keep having all those children....keep polluting our air and water....keep wasting our natural resources.....then eventually every single one of us will go the way of the dinosaurs.....extinction of the human race is being foreseen...this can all be accomplished in less than a hundred years......truly this is a great write iip.....

    ......~our forests help sustain all life on earth....our forests are disappearing.....we need your help to plant trees and restore forests around the globe....donate today~.....the nature
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