It Is Hard Being Smart Poem by James McLain

James McLain

James McLain

From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By

It Is Hard Being Smart

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i must hide it) lost in it(s mind..
and try not to offend those..
whom are so much... more smarter..
and so very I sleep...
and forever lost....
back into the deepest part of the woods..
and this her forest..she shows me..
and she is pleased...that I trust her..
and I am only happy that she is happy....
and walking around her forest...I find her..
home where she lives...and knocking....
she opens her door too him....and she..
recognizing his genius....
and being now his woods.....then..
looks down at his mismatched socks...
and knowing thus as she does..
she slips him in to hers...
and like a glove it's..
universe...spiraling out word....
becomes a little bit milky.. because of it..
and I thank you....whom ever you are.

Friday, December 12, 2008
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lisa moore 10 August 2009

nice poem.... im not sure what to say besides :)

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Roseann Shawiak 14 October 2014

I love the way you have penned this poem, it is hard to be smart and try not to show it, because others will resent and turn on you for it. They are intimidated by people who are smart and allow it to be known. Einstein said that Imagination is more important than knowledge - is that being smart? I have also read that a genius is a person who knows he does not know everything, therefore continually thirsts for knowledge. Ordinary people may think they know it all and actually know next to nothing. It can be very confusing at times, ridiculous also, but I think with a sense of humor, being smart can be fun. Just my impression. Thank you for this thought provoking poem. As I was reading your poem, it seemed that the rhythm was taking me quickly through your thoughts as if I was running to keep up with them. Definitely a unique and interesting poem, I love it. RoseAnn

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Sylvia Frances Chan 24 November 2023

My only bro is a genius, but he has great humor for persons who do not understand him fully, or respond his speech in a wrong way, he understands them exactly what they wanna say. My bro is never irritated. He has told me all these things when we still were kids

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Elizabeth Burnworth 09 February 2009

I kinda need help understanding this of it were funny...but other parts made me feel stupid...maybe im just not

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Sylvia Frances Chan 24 November 2023

Greatest LOL, dear Elizabeth Burnworth

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Soran M. H 29 December 2019

smart it has got different meanings to each of us, over all is good if you don't allow the others misusing it, the theme of this poem is important to many readers, thanks for sharing with us this lovely poem...10+from me well done

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Bri Edwards 31 July 2018

THANKS FOR THE WARNING! ! ! ! I SHALL CONTINUE AVOIDING Being Smart! ! ! ! mismatched socks? ? ? is that ALL i'd have to have in order to get into HERs? ? ? ? ? something is now getting hard, just thinking of it! to MyPoemList despite a bit (a few bits) of not understanding it. bri :)

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Soul Watcher 11 May 2016

This is a fantastic poem, thank you for sharing

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Kelly Kurt 24 March 2015

A fun romp through your mind. Thanks for sharing

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Heather Wilkins 16 October 2014

unmatched socks the sign of a genius nice write

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James McLain

James McLain

From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By
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