Unsafe Relationships Poem by James McLain

James McLain

James McLain

From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By

Unsafe Relationships

Rating: 5.0

In the labyrinth of love, we dance on shards,
An unsafe relationship, where passion guards.
Our hearts entwined, a dangerous affair,
Fragile emotions, suspended in the air.

Bound by desire, we crave the forbidden,
Like a wildfire raging, our souls smitten.
Beneath the moon's gaze, we share stolen kisses,
A clandestine union that passion dismisses.

Yet, in this abyss, we find no solace true,
For danger lurks in every rendezvous.
Deception's embrace, a treacherous blend,
Leaving us vulnerable, hearts on the mend.

We tiptoe on razors, with trembling desire,
Knowing that our love will soon expire.
An unsafe relationship, a thrill and a fright,
We dance on the edge, embracing the night.

But deep down we know, this love cannot sustain,
A foundation of secrets, built upon pain.
So we release our grip, let go and depart,
For an unsafe relationship can't mend a broken heart.

Bri Edwards 13 June 2023

(cont.) BUT AN 'unsafe relationship' may be 'better than no relationship' OR IT MAY SEEM SO. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 13 June 2023

James, Despite your Recent Rise to the Ranks of Renowned poets, I think you may want to review your use of an apostrophe in your title. Maybe? bri

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James McLain 13 June 2023

You are usually right Bri, but what the heck, I can't read a book now a days without finding numerous typos in nearly every book I read.. Your friend, James.

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Bri Edwards 13 June 2023

The last line is a clincher. 'clincher definition: 1. something that helps someone make a decision' AND 'A clincher sentence is a concluding sentence reinforcing your key message.' (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 13 June 2023

James, I gave five stars, but, though you STRONGLY hinted at it, I believe you did NOT give me specific reasons why affair was not 'safe'.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 08 August 2023

This peculiar topic needs deep thinking. Many congratulations! !

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Gabriel Oluwalana 08 August 2023

You actually left me awestruck.5-star for this.

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Veronikuh H 14 June 2023

Very nice poem! I enjoyed it!

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David Wood 13 June 2023

Great poem, the last stanza say's it all, it has a wisdom all of its own.

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Cowboy Ron Williams 13 June 2023

Great poem, James, but Bri is correct. You should remove the apostrophe in the title.

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James McLain

James McLain

From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By
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