Absence Of Color When We Dream (Sequel) Poem by BEAU GOLDEN



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Absence Of Color When We Dream (Sequel)

Rating: 4.4

a warm cup of milk and i drift off to my minds eye to free associate
in my imagination unconscious there is no time to negotiate
we dream without color dont you see
but a wonderful world of imagery
blood red, green lust, yellow fear
some men dream of power here

altho it is winter i see the grass but i know my eye sees gray
altho it is winter i see two lovers holding each other at the park
my minds eye knows there's an absence of color
but i will remain to give rise to the champagne of colors

a gray mouse is gray in your dreams every day
a green mouse is gray just like watching the munsters on tv
your dreams are all in black and white
night is day and day is night
No need to stand and fight
The color is gone when we dream
None of us need it
but none of us are wise to the lesson being taught
The sign says we dont need color when we dream
Our dreams are colored only by the emotion felt
Our dreams are colored only by our depth of passion
Our dreams are colored only by our overwhelming desire
That didn't surface while we smiled and feigned joy all day
Our dreams are colored by our hopes and our unconscious
helps us
Helps us pray for a better day
beau golden

Lynda Robson 20 July 2006

Beau, another excellent poem, how observant you are, best wishes Lynda xx

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Patricia Gale 20 July 2006

Splendid read, wonderful title.

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Ivan Donn Carswell 12 August 2008

When we remember - dreams are what we make them Beau; some living nighmares, others respite from daily cares. With them we may well be confronted or confused - without them we're worse off than the saddest and sorriest cases you can imagine. Sort of like the damned if you do & damned if you don't situation. I've never experienced the absence of colour thing, it may be something I can look forward to. Certainly a poem that unleashed the thinking... Rgds, Ivan

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 25 September 2006

BEAU>>>Nice slice of abstract verse....I Like this piece very much.The Mind is a mercurial creature of its own accord & habit....During the REM stage, our Brains produce many segmented images, almost like when a deck of cards are being slowly shuffled.The focus is constantly on movement, & situation.Color may indeed be present, but the rapidity & distortions that Dreams manifest, take our cognizance to color out of the equation.....Great Piece, Beau! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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***** ********* 25 July 2006

emotion certainly is everything Beau, without it, well! We are lost in the darkness of gray to be sure. I enjoyed the way you explored this theory and a warm cup of milk is a great start to a poem of such exploration indeed. Smiling at you in full on tecnicolour! Tai

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Preeti - is here! 24 July 2006

It's brilliant! ... Preets

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Anjana Aravind 24 July 2006

A thougt provoking poem. Beautiful too. Anjana

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Earth, USA, California, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Balboa blvd
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