Happy Dreams Of Murder Poem by BEAU GOLDEN



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Happy Dreams Of Murder

Rating: 4.9

I'll tell you what is wrong with me
I hope you will not weep
Happy dreams of marder are enchanting my nights sleep

Nothing wakes me late at night sedatives stopped all that
I wouldn't even wake up if you hit me with a bat
My dreams are filled with bloodshed the massacre won't stop
I can't restrain the pleasure i gain from spilling every drop

I've killed the guys who've pissed me off every worthless sot
Killed Franks, and Jeffs, and many Bobs, and a guy whose name was Lott
My method is machine gun as they lined up in their cue
Perhaps they are all lawyers thinking i'm the next they'll sue

Maybe the media has trained me to be
Less sensitive to my fellows humanity
Or maybe i have inherited a relatives insanity

No matter what the truth is i chalk it up to fate
It's better to marder in your sleep than dream of a face you hate
Happy dreams of marder are giving me good nights rest
Nightmares filled with violence excite my heart the best

Happy dreams of Marder are where my nights are mired
It's silly but i dream of killy
When im truly tired

Beau Golden

Liddy Muffin 01 July 2006

I absolutely love this poem, It describes what I dream about quite well. Muder, murder, murder.... it's a beautiful thing.

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Abigail Keller 08 July 2006

An interesting account, but it appeals to my dark side... so I like it! Well described. ~Amber~

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Nina Solomon 22 September 2006

very interesting and very true! ! !

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Sara Cruz 30 September 2006

I like how you invite the reader in and take them to the darkest corners of your brain within a few lines. Chilling, amazing. Honest and shocking but real.

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Brown Monkey 02 April 2007

The title is morbidly frightening, almost worth a 10 rating just for the title. Loved the part about better to miurder in yer sleep than dream of a face u hate.

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Herbert 567 28 January 2017

Hello, I am in the middle of writing a film based on happy dreams of murder. Please email me at herbertfiction@gmail.com If you have any objections.

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Herbert 567 01 January 2017

I really want to make a film out of this but want to be legit about it. could you email me at herbertfiction@gmail.com?

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Silent Speaker 02 April 2009

I love this poem! ! ! ! ! ! GREAT job! ! ! !

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twilight lover 23 July 2008

awesome job! great poem (:

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Bethany M. 07 February 2008

loved the poem, it made me smile. You should read my poem 'RedRum' it's about murdering someone. anyway great poem really liked it keep up the good work.

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Earth, USA, California, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Balboa blvd
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