No Regrets Poem by Asif Baloch

No Regrets

Rating: 4.4

No regrets
Nay I have no regrets
For the time that passed away
Joys and happiness died
Loneliness and sorrows
Tiptoed into my life

No regrets
Nay I have no regrets
For the feelings doth burned
And the yearnings never yearned
Smiles those faded away
Lies of life which did betray

No regrets
Nay I have no regrets
For love which never become mine
And searching like fool and blind
Lashes those put by thoughts
Snatched away all last hopes

Now I am lying on the bed
Made of thorns and venomous blades
Looking into the cold and frigid eyes
Pleading her to take my soul away
Once dead there will be no regrets
Nay there will be no regrets

Jeffrey Omarino 19 November 2008

it is good and so deep

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 20 November 2008

A nice poem Asif, but very depressive. Why so pity? People come and go but life never ends, it goes on....Cheer up now and write a poem with real ' No Regret '! !

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Maryam Khan 20 November 2008

an excellent poem based on reality, wel done n keep it up. maryam

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Tissa Calvert 20 November 2008

based on your thoughts it is pretty good there are always room for improvement though.

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Little Hatila ;) 20 November 2008

wow...i really liked seems it was came from the your without any regrets... Hataw

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Asif Gopang 11 December 2009

Yar Asif it me Gops! moo khe anja yaqeen na tho ache ta mohnjo dost etro zabadast shair ahe Allah Tohnjee madad kare. Love u dear take care

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Shashendra Amalshan 10 August 2009

Hey dude.. this is very emotional piece.. Written from heart.. you have put your soul into it.. filled with innermost feelings.. great! ! ! ! with love shan

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Tarun Sharma 30 November 2008

simply a 10 for the cause, beautiful and live rgds

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Gargi Saha 26 November 2008

A very emotional heartfelt poem. U get 10++

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So important to get your emotions out this. Such a strong powerful write. Great work. Karin Anderson

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