Not From This Anger Poem by Dylan Thomas

Not From This Anger

Rating: 2.7

Not from this anger, anticlimax after
Refusal struck her loin and the lame flower
Bent like a beast to lap the singular floods
In a land strapped by hunger
Shall she receive a bellyful of weeds
And bear those tendril hands I touch across
The agonized, two seas.
Behind my head a square of sky sags over
The circular smile tossed from lover to lover
And the golden ball spins out of the skies;
Not from this anger after
Refusal struck like a bell under water
Shall her smile breed that mouth, behind the mirror,
That burns along my eyes.

Brian Jani 26 April 2014

Awesome I like this poem, check mine oit

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jajajaj 13 March 2018

What is this poem about, i dont understand it

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Maybe 16 September 2019

I believe that its about a woman who is mad that she did't after.

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Lisa Flores 29 November 2021


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Abdulrauf Muhammad 30 April 2019

your poem is really meaningful and creative, the emotional expression is really touching, can you please check out my poem and rate it, " I seek a friend" it might be of your interest. thank you.

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Castellenas John 28 March 2019

Great description of anger by the talented poet.

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Random 20 February 2019

Roses are red Pizza is neat I want to die yeet

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A bell under water does not produce any sound. This poem is very beautiful.

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