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I was afraid of darkness
I prayed to light to save me.
Light told it never had seen it.
I promised light to take him

What is called Mind?
The flow of your thoughts!
The internal dialogue
When we do not talk.


I jumped into the well.
It was a free fall.
I got angry with myself
and jumped into the well.

Neither a thief can steal,
nor a state can tax,
Need not have to divide
among brothers,

Temporary worker
is the permanent phenomenon
in my premises.
He does all work.


We all know we all will die.
I will die, you will die,
He and she all will die.
Who will say let us die today?

Water wets everything
coming in contact with.
Be prepared to get wet,
While entering water.

Death will come one day
as an unwanted guest.
I will not be prepared for the guest.
I will have lot of work to do.

Let's blame each other
for the successes in our life.
Let's don't blame each other
for the failures in our life.

See the two storied house.
See the wall surrounding it.
See the Car parked outside.
See the men looking outside.

"Am almost on the way".
Angel on earth wrote,
Her last letter to him.
Lini was writing her

When you see
a sea without waves,
When you see a day
not followed by a night

Little did I know
that it was such a sin,
when I fell in love.
I had no preplan.


I miss this world.
I miss your words.
I miss my brothers.
I miss my sister.

All ways lead to somewhere.
Any way is good for
someone who does not
know where to go.

Stay within the limits of law
Limitless will be your gain.

Go beyond limits of law.

Saint surprised everyone.
Everyone was honest.
Everyone was sincere.
Wait for a day to prove.

Tell the truth,
Don't tell unpleasant truth.
Tell truth in a pleasant way.
Never tell an untruth.

Steady intelligence is
the source of Peace.
Peace is the state of
mind when thoughts stop.

Everyone was affected.
Some had fever.
Some felt nausea.
Others omitted.

The Best Poem Of Narayanan Kutty Pozhath

Darkness And Light

I was afraid of darkness
I prayed to light to save me.
Light told it never had seen it.
I promised light to take him
to the fear personified darkness.
Light came with me
I took light to every corner
of the mind to show the darkness.
However I failed to find
darkness whenever light
was with me.
I asked him to wait and
went alone to see the frightening
Darkness was there
in every corner of mind.
However whenever light
was with me, I could not
see darkness.
I decided to stay with light.

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