Not This Time

Stare at you from a far
You’re like a piece of priceless art
Worth so much, and I just don’t measure
I don’t deserve you, and that’s why I don’t have you
I wish that I did
But it would take so much on my part
So much that it breaks my heart
That I can never have you
But if I could, though I can’t
I would never land
From my height of joy
That’s right boy
If I had you, my May sunshine
Would come in the rainy days
And I got to say
Just to look at you boy
Is enough to give me the joy
I don’t even need to have you
All I need for you to do
Is look my way
That’s enough for my rainy days
To fade away
And even if you are with her
I’ll be wishing that were me
Even when you walk with her
Me is all I will see
Nothing can keep me away from my dream
Of us together, even if we can’t be
I know you hear me, I know you know
But still you walk away, and it’ll never show
Cause you seem not have those feelings that I have
You seem to be happy with her, you seem to be glad
And maybe it’s my fault, I’m not worth your time
But maybe it’s your loss, yes yours not mine
Here was a girl, wanting nothing more than you and your time
And you tossed it a way, like an old nickel dime
For a girl that likes you, just for how you look
But you see I just don’t go by that book
I go by personality, a good one you have
But since you’re not mine, why should I be glad?
I guess I’m confused, but I really shouldn’t be
I shouldn’t be acting like this is hurting me
Maybe one day you’ll wake up and see the light
But not this day, not this time