Mona Willis Poems

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I Refuse To Be Made The Fool

I see your face in my mind
I think of you every time
That I'm alone
And lonely

Slipping Away

I’m Slipping Away
I might be gone today
But you are trying to save me
I’m glad for everything you gave me

Colors Of Gray...

I feel, Like I need consolation
Some type of interpretation
But then maybe that itself is the issue
The burning desire to find what man has to say

I'M Breaking Free

There's only so much longer I can stay
This Way
There's only so much more I can hold
On to

You Still Won'T Understand

You wouldn't understand.
Why i am the way i am.
You'd have to live in my shoes
You'd have to go by my rules.

Not This Time

Stare at you from a far
You’re like a piece of priceless art
Worth so much, and I just don’t measure
I don’t deserve you, and that’s why I don’t have you

Be Peacable

Yelling, Shouting
Chants Of Pain
Hurting, Fighting
Driven insane

A Lilly

a scarlet rose,
standing in the crowd
its one of them
it doesn't stand out