Kerrie Maurer

Nothing - Poem by Kerrie Maurer

He came for me
I ran
But its a dead end
Im surrounded
Walls everywhere
I have no where to go
No where to hide
No one can hear me cry
No one can here me scream
No one can help me
No one is here
Just you mom
He came closer
Grabbed me
I cried and screamed Yelling for help
You sit and watch
While he pins me down
You dont say anything
You don't stop him
You don't help me
This happens every night
Everyday I had new bruises Everyday got harder to live
It hurt to move
It hurt to cry
It hurt to talk
It even hurt to breathe
If I told it would only get worse
He made me promise not to tell
I begged for him to stop
Everyday I cried and cried
Daddy please don't do this
Please don't hurt me
Don't make me do it
All my begging didn't help
It brought a smile to his face
As he pinned me down
I try to break the grip
The harder he presses
The harder he pushes
Still you do nothing
You just watch
You don't hear my cries
Hear my screams
See my tears
Or feel my pain
You see nothing
Hear nothing
Feel nothing
You did nothing
You do nothing
You never did
I know you never will

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 22, 2013

Poem Edited: Friday, September 27, 2013

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