Nothing Withheld Poem by David Knox

Nothing Withheld

God You do not withhold good
You are not waiting until I'm ready for the good
Not waiting for me to earn what you give as a free gift
I'm not on hold, my life's not on hold
I'm one of your sons in the sheepfold
I'm of the flock

Everything the Father has is mine
I need only ask
So are You holding back good from me? Why's there a good that feels withheld?
Maybe my feelings and perspective are wrong, maybe it's me who needs to change
What if it's actually my heart You'll meld
Instead of giving me the "good" that feels withheld
Because You already gave it all, I have access to it all... it's me who needs to change.

Can I just stay how I am? Believe the lie you hold back good?
I'm afraid I won't be able to handle the healing, I'm afraid to live with that truth
I say that I want this good, but Your truth IS good... and it seems like I don't want it...

God, I can't be the leader in our relationship
I can't steward that leadership role
Maybe I could live the delusion for a season
But if I try to walk there without your grace
I'll fall flat on my face
If I got healed now I wonder if I'd make myself worse off
I fear that I'd get myself sicker and walk in darkness

God I trust you to wait until the right time
But in the waiting you're not withholding good
It's just not good until it's the right time
It wouldn't even be a good thing, the right thing at the wrong time, is the wrong thing.
You don't withhold good, but You withhold what I want sometimes FOR my good
So You'll wait for me and once I'm ready
Then what I want is a good thing
So in Your time and with You, it's all good.

Monday, December 4, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: self discovery,spirituality
A poem I wrote in a journal amidst being in nature alone.
David Knox

David Knox

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