Numerology Poem by Kolawole Ajao


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1 3 5 7 9: oddity
2 4 6 8 10: evenness
The best numerologist of you is you
Nobody knows your number like you
I know some are odd and some even
My only even joker is 4
When it's 9 it hangs but hits it
3 and 7 ain't nothing but the joker's joker
I am definitely not in the hinterland anymore
I have emigrated to the coastal land
Leaving behind the life reminiscent of the swamp
To live in the coast suggests ebullience
My greens are now growing greener
My trees are blossoming robust fruits
The squirrel I find here are larger than the hedgehog
Achatina are three times stouter than I ever saw

Go read your number yourself
No other one reads it better.

Sd Tiwari 11 August 2011

You are right numbers are nothing to do with fate. It is Almighty's act what is done each and every moment. Nice poem

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Kesav Easwaran 25 July 2010

This is what they call imaginative numerology...i know both- how imagination works and how the other one for sure! Nice number(? !) ...imaginative creative...10 Now you may read my poem- Wholesome...poem #152...even but odd!

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An enjoyable read. Numerology in the Bible (as Joseph commented) , speaks volumes and also hold high prophetic meaning. The funny thing is, I prefer my even numbers birthdays! !

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Joseph Poewhit 06 June 2010

NUMBERS, in the Bible speaks more

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Kolawole Ajao

Kolawole Ajao

Akure, Ondo State Nigeria
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