Nymph Poem by Josey Alfred


She came no call or knock or ring!
She came to glade at night on wings
And stood near me, so calm nigh nude!
Her eyes on me, desire deep lewd.

Deep howl of wolf came from thickets,
That shook me up, from slumber deep!
She stood just there with a blooming smile.
Her sanguine spark woke me from sleep.

I stood perplexed my sense aflame!
I found in her, a lovely game.
My heart quickened, to take that dame!
She came stealthy, I felt just lame.

I stood now stunned my sense, in haze!
I felt in me a glowing blaze.
I felt my heart racing in craze.
How could I get, engulfed by haze?

She stood smiling, grin on her lips
Her breasts surged like wavy, lagoon.
Her body language, hastened my steps,
I reached for her, for I felt alone!

My heart forbade, but I craved her,
My sense foggy, I felt too prone,
Confused in haze I stood, I swear!
I had a doubt, was she alien?

She reached for me her hands around,
Flowery fingers roused me, I jump!
Her sensual touch kindled my mind
I felt blood warm yet felt too damp!

She held me close, her hands so tight
Her bosom soft, my soul grew blithe.
She drew me close, baring her cloth
She drew my soul, into her breath.

I could not guess why, I felt frost!
Her beauty, charm or sensual blithe!
Obscured my sense, I felt just lost?
Why I yielded, I knew not the truth?

Oh, soon I knew, I was her slave!
I felt just like a tamed pet dog.
She chained me up just like a knave!
I felt like walking in soft bog.

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
A man falls in love with a foreign lady, they return to her native land.She takes full control of his finance management, his wealth which he took with him, and treats him just like her slave.He recalls his meeting and their love affair, all like a passing show.
Josey Alfred

Josey Alfred

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