Mom You Can Help Poem by Josey Alfred

Mom You Can Help

Your baby’s future is, in your hands
Teach him habits that make him fit,
To help survive in a bitter world,
And be happy throughout his life.

Give him work culture from the time
He is in lap suckling your breast,
And when he fall napping mean-while
Wake him to work hard, for the milk.

When he is lying on chest, prone to crawl
Let him move forth with his own efforts.
Help him not when he slips and fall,
Let him get used to rising again.

If he idles his time away,
Force him on toes, to run and play
When teaching him to read and write
Be stern with him, if he is careless.

Teach him to be punctual at all times
And force him to use, words polite.
Teach him to be honest in all deals,
And give and take respect in life.

The habit of self-help will be firm!
On his mind for, all his life,
He will not yield to flops when faced!
For he is now on his in-built strength!

Same way all through his life he will
Find resolve to succeed and defend.
Himself and all those in dire need,
Through all his life, for he is strong.


Saturday, May 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: future,life,strength
Edward Kofi Louis 11 July 2016

Teach him habits that make him fit! Nice piece of work.

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Well arranged thoughts. Pleasant to read.

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Josey Alfred 05 May 2015

My thanks for veiled comment MR Nair sir.

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Ezekiel Haruna 02 May 2015

duties of mothers here expressed.

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Ezekiel Haruna 02 May 2015

duties of mothers here expressed. Nice write.

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Josey Alfred 02 May 2015

Mothers should love their children, but their most important duty is to teach essential lessons like good habits and prepare them for hard work. These things are nowadays sadly, Over looked. Let's wish for the best.

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Soul Watcher 02 May 2015

I like the way you write.

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Josey Alfred 02 May 2015

Thanking you for your comment. Welcome your help.

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Josey Alfred

Josey Alfred

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