Bijay Kant Dubey

O, Do Come And Go Seeing The Face, The Face Of The Dark Divine! - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

O, you, come, come; come, come and go seeing,
The face,
The Face Divine,
Huge and magnificent
Dark black, pitch dark,
Nocturnal, supernatural and mythical,
Mystical and spiritual,
A face unimaginable,
Never, never to be seen!

Mother Kali, a clay model statue,
Huge and shining,
Shining and grand,
Dark black, pitch dark,
An image, a picture
So primitive, prehistoric and aboriginal,
Native, ethnographic and racial,
But of the Creational Mother,
The nightly reflection,
The myths of darkness!

A huge and magnificent Kali, in Her mood of own,
In a state of anger and wrath,
With one leg over the lain Shiva,
The tongue held out in shame
As for trampling Him unknowingly
And also for taking to the sword for annihilation,
The destruction of the evil forces,
Devilish and demoniac,
Savage and bloody, brutal and beastly,
Tyrannical and torturing.

Mother Kali with the crescent and the beauty spot
On the forehead of Hers,
Where the Third Eye of the Divine is,
The hands with the conch,
The sword and other conventional arms
And a snake,
The hair waist long and scattered,
Adorned with a big nose-ring,
Bulging ear-rings
And the legs with the anklets.

The Dark Divine, Goddess Kali
With a crown on the head,
The face black-black, black-blue,
Looking beautiful,
Shining black
With polished jewellery and ornaments,
The hair waist long,
Wearing a garland of human heads,
Cut and threaded,
One with the skulls in sadhna
Put around the hut
And the tongue out of Her mouth.

The blood-red tongue,
With a dribble of blood
Hanging from,
Out in anger or shame
Or as for killing,
The Goddess in a bizarre mood of Her own,
Looking Grotesque,
The ear rings big and bulging,
The nose ring round and big
With a necklace,
The anklet on the legs.

The Eyes dark and beautiful,
Clear-cut and wide
As if saying something,
The Mother Divine incarnating Herself
To annihilate the demons and devils
Whose torture and tyranny has aggravated on earth,
Taking a tryst to save from the sinners,
Trying to annihilate, cleanse and balance.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, February 16, 2014

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