Oceans Of Anew Waiting For You Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Oceans Of Anew Waiting For You

The year is about to end
I'm lying on the wet grass
A peacock comes smiling towards me to show his joyful dance,
And I'm telling him, " she too would love you at once, if she saw you dancing so well with your charms".

Gazing at the beams of the milky way
Showing me the path where none ever stayed,
And the words of stars wrote me letters;
On cold nights, where the frozen ground compiled with leaves left me without any care of heater.
I received them with admiring rays
And stepped ahead by looking at trees shedding their leaves every day.

Where nights and moonlights were in darkness searching for your eyes in the whole lane
They took me in their arms, and asked me about my holy main.
The celebrations of bouquets was coming by an express train
By holding a silver vase for the sky to hold onto bursting rain.

Gentle breezes passes by my ears
Calling for you repeatedly is what I hear.
Painting black and white walls of towns into shades of oceans and bows,
The new year is carrying gifts and chocolates for all of us in wrappers of gold.
And I'm writing songs of infinite ties in rows,
Will you listen, if I sing to you even if my melody doesn't sound so good?

Sipping my hot coffee
Where you loved the essences of brewing beans.
Watching the fields, waiting for daylights of spring,
I realized: somethings are best sold in fairs for us to bring,
But I bought a golden ring, before the promises of flying wings.
The pair took vows at the church before the cross
And I could tell,
They were happy for the ring which I bought
Before the angelic prayers to loss.

The new year is about to start,
My Camellias are blooming
As they are the queen of winter's art.
You are in their dreams,
And your felines are missing
To be fed by creams ,
Come back soon
As flowers of spring are also in grim.

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