Gianna Jett

October Skies - Poem by Gianna Jett

I feel the earth move underneath my skin
I feel the world's feet tumbling into my soul
I see the good in the evil ones before they sin
That dark within is not more than I can hold
There is no rest for the wicked because we can never die
Our eyes won't be closed forever after the last breath
Not even when the humans live for an Immortal life
From the hollow earth they escaped death
As they kiss the stars the moon dances in my soul tonight
Riddled with guilt, the guilty speak of a time like this

Halloween seeks as it waits for November the Eighth
For it is upon the year of this day that I turn thirty-six
Souls grow heavy all the years surrounding their fate
Everything in this world has a price
Do you know what it is going to cost
As you hesitate when rolling the dice

Where did they all go once they became lost
You really shouldn't spend so much time thinking twice
Inside my web is where they were all caught
Who knows where we will go from here
Why do you come to me in such fear
The purple haze can be seen through the foggy air
I never took you unto the dark, it was the night that took you there

You followed the cold unlit skies
You found your own way beside the lightning
There is so much truth within your lies
Little did I have to do with your indefinite haunting

Just around the corner was the place that took them all
In your own backyard once upon a time
There was magic in the air as the leaves begin to fall
It was the Harvest of Holidays in the beasts and it was also mine
You had heard the call of adventure and they all followed
Gifts from the past revisited us as shadows in the night
Autumn fires began to burn for the legends of long ago
The September dusk had faded into the wind on the moon's light
Walking nightmares were born from the evil locked in their own souls
Once the dawn arrived they all disappeared after the Eve of Hallow
The clock holds time when it stands still until the thirty-sixth year of November Eighth's fire flight
Each day reaching closer to the eighth day of Halloween's November Autumn shadow
Every day until then, you can hear them just as morning soon turns again into midnight
The earth never knew such spirits until 1977 released its only glow
That flame continued to burn all these years in the world's candlelight
What lures them all unto me no one even pretends to know
But each entity has come because it is written upon the October Skies

Topic(s) of this poem: halloween

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 19, 2015

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