Ode On Change Poem by Aniruddha Pathak

Ode On Change

Change weareth the crown of a king,
Look unto Nature— all its range,
Its law is change that looks no change,
Should the chill thaws not, whence would spring?

Powerful does prevail Nature's law
That I call a great law of change
Powered by its ever hungry maw
That pervades over all its range.

Yet, one thing O Change, on man's need
That changes with the change of time,
That this change often fails to rhyme,
Need cancerous when grows as greed.

And thou hast one great enemy—
A stumbling stone that falls in way,
Inertia of doubts somewhat grey,
Like sleeping dogs doubts never lie.

And so, when time is it to change,
All of world conspires to hate change,
Though it'd die sans progressive change,
Thou art life breath of world, O Change.

A thing that lies long may soon rust,
Water that would flow not stagnates,
So do things in time gather dust,
A thing that changes not still dates.

And there are only but things two
Exempted from this world-wide rule:
One's a fool, other's dead or due,
Change or not, the twain takes it cool.

Take philosophies of the past,
Take religious tenets and creed,
A following they'd once so vast,
The point is: change is today's need.

And Mother of all change is need,
A unique feminine ferment,
Howso great, all else is vain creed,
What changes not gets a big dent.

Most revolutions when they came,
Came because change had stagnated,
Let things lie not for long the same,
Storms that come not are created.

Art of progress, it may look strange,
Be to preserve ordained order,
Amid change O preserve the change
Amid stagnation, upholder!

Open up soon thine life to change,
Buddha said, look for rainbow's range
Of wisdom— may sound somewhat strange,
But it is no mean a challenge.

So, whatso ye like not, change it,
If you can't, change the way you think,
And there's no other way to beat,
Things do change, but not in a wink.

Not whatso in this world endures,
‘World too would change the way I want',
If a changed ‘me' should duly haunt,
One lazy oft his self assures.

And cry not that world not changes,
It always does and it soon would,
There's One Alone in changeless ease,
He alone can stand solitude.

Sure, you're not Him never to change,
Wait not for world your ways to bend,
Change from violet or orange,
For, change ye must— all spectrum's band.

And do know this brazen new truth:
Change comes not with a mighty heave,
It moves unseen ever so smooth,
No sudden axe may fall one eve.

Things change, life changes more than things,
Old order changeth, yields to new,
Change of habit irks, lay and kings,
Hope mints new order from tired view.

And change as a two-edged sword,
Preserves things in a changing game,
More things change, more remains the same,
He eats apple, keeps too— the Lord.
Ode | 04.12.11 |

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Aniruddha Pathak

Aniruddha Pathak

Godhra - Gujarat
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