Ode To The Arts Poem by Sheryl Deane

Ode To The Arts

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Ode to the Arts by Sheryl Deane
Open the book and page through time
Our history captured first hand
By the pen of an artist, the stroke of a brush
Now illuminating our formidable thoughts,
Bringing change to the imminent future

Books written by the Common Man
Colours on canvas's emerge bold as fire
To light the path ahead
Music masters resounding like a gong
Announcing the arrival of modern ideas
Tuned to an underlying life force - the silent score
Come to life in a circle of truth
Conducted into our consciousness
With sweetest melody

Gone is the Politicians convincing rant!
Gone is the military dictator's pompous promise!
Gone is the deceit of religious interpretation!
Its pale Image, twisted by artistic integrity
Which thaws the lifeless page to move
Filling concert halls and gallerys
With an encrypted message of truth
Free to all who knock and enter

The Arts - Keeper of Time,
Keeper of Mine

Ode To The Arts
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life,music
I try to convey that art is a keeper of time like no other
Laurie Van Der Hart 11 June 2017

Beautiful! An interesting idea again. I see you are a musician. Do you specialise in guitar?

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Sheryl Deane 21 January 2023

Yes, I do specialise in classical guitar.

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Chinedu Dike 10 June 2017

An insightful depiction of the essence and intricacies of the artist craft, elegantly brought forth in beautiful diction with conviction. Excellent job. Thanks for sharing Sheryl.

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Sheryl Deane 21 January 2023

Thank you Chinedu. Will look up your poetry

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Sheryl Deane 11 June 2017

Glad you liked it. Art survives through time because it captures the human imagination and seems to be a more truthful way to record history

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