Ode To The Tesco Check-Out Girl Poem by shel cope

Ode To The Tesco Check-Out Girl

Rating: 5.0

Another Saturday
Circling aimlessly
like a broken ship
down the isles of plenty.
Dancing the choreography of the damned
to the latest use-by date beats.

The pretty check-out girl routinely smiles
and asks if she can help.
Heart quickens as usual
then I remember
it’s the slammer for me if I showed her how.
Maybe next week

Rachel Flint 11 February 2008

aaah love amongst the baked beans ha ha ha

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Anna Russell 04 February 2008

Hahahaha! ASK HER OUT! ! ! ! ! Loved this. Hugs Anna xxx

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That is just brilliantly hilarious. Next time why not give her this poem on a bit of a paper along with the £20? t x

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Ian Bowen 02 February 2008

Shel, can't wait to hear what happens next week. I hope you let us know. Good piece of writing. Ian

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Jessica Jemima 02 February 2008

made me laugh. great work.

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John Kay 06 March 2008

Shel...what would life be without the quickened heart and women to fall in love with for a few seconds. Liked this one. Take care, John

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Roger Cornish 23 February 2008

Wonderful Shel.... simply wonderful.... The Co-op was never like that! Keep posting lover boy! Roger.

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Ernestine Northover 18 February 2008

Great piece of writing, loved the humour and the lightness of the poem. Love Ernestine XXX

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Original Unknown Girl 13 February 2008

Absolutely love this poem Shel! I imagine you would make her day if you did tell her how! ! (Hey - why not try it for Valentine's Day? ?) HG: -) xx

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Tan Morgan 12 February 2008

I'm loving the last two lines. Heh.

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