Pip Lucas

Ode To The Thicket - Poem by Pip Lucas

to the individual’s character.
Replenish your existence,
tranquility takes over:
the mind and the soul
become one,
as they reunite like
two halves of a whole,
to express the inner self.

Quick, moving visions
straying through my mind,
like a movie,
of my love for this place.
my own.
Each person of their own
Different perspectives.
many have,
of this remarkable woodland.
Whether an optimist of pure love for it,
or a pessimist comparing to a tyrant.
I know what’s right,
which is all that matters.

Personality within,
among the inner core,
where the light of it’s character is released,
set free,
where it strays among the Earth.
It’s voice,
a whispery song,
chirps like a bird,
and soothes myself,
as I disappear,
into unconsciousness
a sleep-like state,
where my body

Relaxed on the soft terrain,
I glance towards the sky.
I notice the sunlight
streaming through the spaces between the leaves,
and I realize,
this is my place.
My honor.
I comprehend not only the
story the leaves write out,
in beautiful calligraphy,
I should add,
but between the lines.
The real meaning:
The message.
The sunlight bleeding
through the leaves,
warming my face,
caress my cheeks,
as I feel the sun’s fingers,
not only stroking my face,
but reviving my existence,
my soul.

The whole of myself,
bathing in the luxurious feelings,

Then I awaken.
I’m back at home.
Back to civilization:
if even so.
Much unlike the forest,
here I’m annoyed with the noise,
or if there’s none,
the ringing of silence,
no more whispered voice.
The smell of pollution,
the taste of rot.

untamed nature is
before our very eyes,
my only haven.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 26, 2009

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