Dr. M. Asim Nehal Ode Poems

Ode To The Heart

Your journey begins on 18th or 19th day
After fertilization of eggs
You are the first organ to be formed
And function to beat and pump blood

Ode ~ To Music

Lift me up to the sky by the notes
Oh, flute by your captivating melodious tunes

Sing to my body and sing to my soul...

Ode To My Love

On the full moon night when the tide rises
And they follow one after another
I feel something in my heart
And my cheek feels million kisses.

Ode To Poetry.

This floating clouds on the wind above
And flowing river from the stream of the mount
When passing thoughts settles in mind
It makes us restless to write.

Ode To The Kite

I am a kite detached from string,
Floating freely in the sky,
Just me with wind, above clear sky
Just me with wind, below dusty earth.

Ode To Shells

Lying lifeless on the shore of a beach
I wonder who used me as protection

On million waves, I travelled across

Ode To The Death

We all want to go to heavens
But we fear from death, why?

We know our life is temporary

Ode To Cctv Camera.......

Hanging on the top
All alone
To keep an eye
On looker-on