Ode To The Weekend Poem by Kevin Hulme

Ode To The Weekend

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Friday comes around once more,
Like a faithful dog with a ball again.
So I'll lock the front door and draw the blinds,
Upload all cares thereby unwind.
Unhook the Phone in the draughty hall,
For I'll give no mind to trivial calls.
Place your boots and brolly by,
Into the nook thereby to lie.
For this Weekday stress i'll clear away,
Into a glass or three today.
Forget the mail, discard the Bills,
And petty claims that living fills.
Load the CD and set to play,
They'll be no talk of Targets today.
For what is life if clothed in cares,
So to leisurely days with friends to share.
For I'll be on the town with a Pal or two,
And rolling home when the Milk is due.
Those Weekday chains will fall away,
When wine and dance come into play.
Then sleep away the Hours through,
Till ‘Mickeys' hands reach Ten past Two.
As pealing bells on Sunday cry,
Into the bright cerulean sky.
So I'll take a walk by the crystal sea,
The stretching bluffs to the Weathered quay.
And build those Castles tall and neat,
By scattered shells around my feet.
And the Fairground wave of shouts and screams,
Then Candyfloss and cool Icecream.
As arm in arm the ladies walk,
With beaming smiles in joyful talk.
Their mission tells of unfailing fun,
In every which way now labours done.
Now strolling on by country lane,
Past cottage homes with curious names.
Through lines of trees with dabbled light,
And flowing fields of foliage bright.
By blackened Spires peaking wide,
Above the verdant countryside.
As the dipping Sun gives note to all,
‘ My time is done, now Shadow falls'.
For so it is to a farewell drink,
By scented peons blushing pink.
The Public House with tables laid,
With the finest fare beneath the shade.
Then on to home and early night,
By sodium lamps of Orange light.
And wayward revellers homeward bound,
Enjoying the last of recess found.
But dreadful spirits will slowly dawn,
For very soon all Monday yawns.

Juhaina Tumlu 06 May 2023

Nice Ode to much awaited weekends.

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Kevin Hulme 07 May 2023

Thank you juhaina.

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