Dave Dafes

Ode To The Wild Waters - Poem by Dave Dafes

Thrust amid two alternatives,
Each the extreme of the other.
Both court me with soulful entreaties.
Out beat one another in their quest.
'Oh! Won't you visit my chambers tonight' said she,
'I've just made your favorite meal' the other said.
How do I decide between these two?
Each with astounding magnificent.
One a homemaker, the other a life partner.
To one I gave my heart, the other my soul owned.
At my wife's beside a blissful haven,
My mistress' bowers made with hot coals.
Yet the later I preferred,
The former an absentee lord I am.
9months a year I spend roaming in hell's fury
While my spouse I see but 90days.
Even when with her, my thoughts to my mistress sails.
Couldn't tear away from her grip.
The more I got, the more of her I wanted
She captivates my soul with her fierce anger
Engages my intellect when she lashes out,
Her vile temper like Jove's thunderbolt.
She throws my sails into the heavens in the fury of her waves,
Casting me against the rocks,
The gales she fed me by morn strengthens my oars
That I couldn't resist sowing my oats in her field
By noon, I get drunk in her thunderstorms that
I beg for Poseidon's mercy, like the Prince of Ithaca
After a weary night of her tempestuous roars
She sometimes cast me out in the cold,
Her door she locks behind me
I don't mind sleeping outside, as long as I'm on her verandah
Embraced by the currents of her waves though ravaged by her rage
She is a wild courtesan, no captain could tame
Whenever I look into her green eyes, my reflection I saw
Her perfumed locks spread beyond the horizon
A great sheet that parts asunder the continents,
Her kiss knocks out your consciousness,
Her caresses is death, Yet I'm addicted to her breast
The vile mistress that owned my soul
I navigate her skirt, which flows down from Asia,
Covering her Mediterranean hips to her Atlantic feet
A Siren that lures many to their demise
Beware of her thigh, where so many dreams were shipwrecked
But I love her still, the wild seas that possess my soul
From the lovely arms of Daisy I went away
Bidding me go, with tears-filled eyes.
She knew she couldn't keep me
However hard she tried
I love her too but the ocean I loved more
She was always with me, her stormy waves
Beckon to me in my dreams.
Oceania, in your arms will I be buried

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(I was chatting with a Captain at a sailors club
Situated on the dock of the coaster town of Tarrafal,
On the Cape Verde Island.
He told me about his first love, his mistress whose place
Nobody could take. How he had been in loved with her
From the very first day they locked eyes but then he couldn't pursue
His affection cause he was but a youth. He told of how his father wanted him to be an astronaut but he chose the ocean,
Inspired by this aged captain,
I wrote this poem dedicating it to all sailors who loved the sea) .

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