Ode To Winter Poem by Matthew Holloway

Ode To Winter

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Ode to winter
Ode, ode to the winter
What music plays to sonnet
While a world drifts to sleep
Leaves curl and flowers bow
Birds take flight to a further place
A touch of frost creeps in
Stealing the landscape of its colour
Soon all shall be held motionless
In the still of a winters season
Now in all its changing
The beauty and perfection of life
Is left open to be witnessed
Savoured by the eye of an artist
To feed the soul, nourish the heart
This melancholy season
This changing landscape
What beauty it reveals
In an ode to the winter

Jason King 14 December 2021

So descriptive.

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Aqua Flower 29 November 2018

Winter is not my favorite but this poem is. Wonderful ride Melancholy winter.

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Aqua Flower 29 November 2018

Typo ride is supposed to be write. There's Beauty in everything.

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Matthew Holloway 29 November 2018

Thank you x despite it's hostile nature Winter has it's own beauty

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Walterrean Salley 19 September 2014

A beautiful poem. The verses are smooth and easy flowing. Full of inspirational.

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Matthew Holloway 29 November 2018

many Thanks for your Kind words............

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Matthew Holloway 29 November 2018

thank you...............

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Matthew Holloway

Matthew Holloway

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