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Alone in a stately mansion
With all the trappings of wealth
A king resides here
Within his gilded cage

I have a girl
I have a girl, a good one
a girl who looks after me

To love and a wedding
I share in the joy of my friends
While the air is filled with songs

what tender beauty lays before me
I call her my English rose
lips red like petals and as soft
earthen eyes I could sink into

Ode to winter
Ode, ode to the winter
What music plays to sonnet

It is in dreams and dreams alone
where I find the love of verse flowing
where a kiss sings a chorous
where a passion becomes known


Forget the nine till five
This modern working life
Calls on all hours of the day
And every day of the week

I have loved and found loving kind
Until I found myself waiting

Time has gotten away from me my dear
The years have slipped away from my notice
Age has crept upon my body and pounced
Tired, weathered and full of experience

How quiet the night sky
Cloud covered and empty

Type, write, place
Words upon the page in verse
Pour out a poem
From the soul, echo

There's not much to them
These winter skies
A strike of white breaks
Across the softened grey

It was in the late February
Or the early March I recall
Sitting perched on my windowsill
In the early hours nursing a coffee

You can spend a week or a month
Writing and rewriting, editing
Working through lines with a fine pen
Work and rework the ink over and over

What is this about
A force within many of us
Creating and denying sleep
The painter, musician, writer

Don't be elevator music
A background noise to life
Something heard but not listened to
Something that's there but never noticed

Sometimes I like to try
Curl into a bottle and hide
From those thoughts about me
Those thoughts which haunt

Loneliness is like an old friend
always there in the sleepless night
the distraction throughout the day
the over familiar and unwanted guest

The ocean stole the beaches memories
washed away the footprints and castles of children
beneath the full moon each wave came
rose up and down the beach

Matthew Holloway Biography

Born in 1978 and raised in the small town of Winsford in the northwest of England. Writing poetry since 1996 and forever developing a stlye of writing which suits the self. Inspired by music, film and life. What is more than can be said as I write of myself, A lover of poetry who lives to write, Awake in late hour of night, Dreaming of a love to which I shall forever recite. Favourite poets include. John Keats, Percy Bysche Shelly, Lord Byron, Anne Sexton, Slyvia plath I can be found on Facebook... Matthew Holloway, Winsford)

The Best Poem Of Matthew Holloway

A Kings Wealth

Alone in a stately mansion
With all the trappings of wealth
A king resides here
Within his gilded cage
The empty halls, ghost filled
Where shadows whisper
There are none here
None to keep comfort
None to love
The fire in the hearth
Cackles and spits
Breaking the silence
Which otherwise holds all
The king
For all his possessions
The palatial residence
The antiques and paintings
The cars and jewellery
Is the poorest of all
For this home of grander
Is a prison of his nature

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Kayoko Kan 28 July 2012

A beautiful heart lies within your poems - peace and happiness to you

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Nash Thomas 09 December 2018

I heard many songs written by Mathew Holloway. Very brief and so smooth. Happy to see such a nice writing. I will read the same in detailed way and will submit my comment on each poem. I like the writing style. An administrator with a vision to mingle with people hide in the poem. You will be noted and your writing will be honored by the public.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 18 August 2021

You are chosen by Poem Hunter And Team as The Poet Of The Day. Hoorray! Congratulations!

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The Truth 31 May 2019

This poet is telling us the truth in his poems.

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The Reaper 31 May 2019

Wonderfulness is in all his words.

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Pradur Sahib 29 May 2019

Wonderfully creative poet.

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Bide Your Time 29 May 2019

Your star is on the ascendant. I promise.

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