Matthew Holloway Poems

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A Kings Wealth

Alone in a stately mansion
With all the trappings of wealth
A king resides here
Within his gilded cage

I Have A Girl

I have a girl
I have a girl, a good one
a girl who looks after me

To Love And A Wedding

To love and a wedding
I share in the joy of my friends
While the air is filled with songs

English Rose

what tender beauty lays before me
I call her my English rose
lips red like petals and as soft
earthen eyes I could sink into

Ode To Winter

Ode to winter
Ode, ode to the winter
What music plays to sonnet

In Dreams Alone

It is in dreams and dreams alone
where I find the love of verse flowing
where a kiss sings a chorous
where a passion becomes known


Forget the nine till five
This modern working life
Calls on all hours of the day
And every day of the week

Blood On My Heart

I have loved and found loving kind
Until I found myself waiting

On The Passing Of Time

Time has gotten away from me my dear
The years have slipped away from my notice
Age has crept upon my body and pounced
Tired, weathered and full of experience

Amid The Quiet Silence

How quiet the night sky
Cloud covered and empty

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