Amid The Quiet Silence Poem by Matthew Holloway

Amid The Quiet Silence

Rating: 5.0

How quiet the night sky
Cloud covered and empty
How silent my heart
Alone and lonely
But for these words
I fear the would be nothing
But the memory of you
Which makes me weep
Tears of such divine love
Unable to speak
To make a sound to the night
In contemplation I find
Such joy in the memory of you

Shakti Priyan Nair 24 April 2011

Wow. Amazing use of words. loved every bit of it.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 27 September 2021

A wonderful poem.... fascinating expression! Loved the imagery...5 stars.

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Dr. Antony Theodsore 24 November 2018

But the memory of you Which makes me weep Tears of such divine love Unable to speak....contemplation and memory, i come to you... a fine poem full of feeling exprssivd in your words.. thank u. tony

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Matthew Holloway 24 November 2018

Thanks for your kind words

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Darwin Henry Beuning 16 September 2016

Mathew, a nice poem about a first Hurt, something to which we all can relate. A first Hurt, one of soooo many more to come. I rate a 10.

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Matthew Holloway 16 September 2016

Thank you, this is an old poem I had to try and remember it. I am happy you enjoyed my work

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Renu Kakkar 17 September 2011

very gentle poem..enjoyed the read....please see mine beloved stranger, and a new world of love

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 24 April 2011

Loved to read the poem which is full of lovely feelings. Great imagery and beautiful style. Nice write. Thanks for sharing...... Please read my new poems.

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Matthew Holloway

Matthew Holloway

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